Palazzi 2018


This 100% merlot is made from a selection of grapes from about 2 hectares across the estate, with only a small quantity produced each year.

After the sweltering summer of 2017, we welcomed the cooler, more even temperatures of 2018 in the valley. As we neared the end of August, we were looking at larger than usual clusters, not too sweet for the period, and unusually soft in their early fruit. Because of these cooler temperatures, the vineyards were able to ripen the fruit and tannins earlier; all of that is usually kept back because of heat in August. The skins, thin as they were, were incredibly forward in color – they stained the fingers! Usually, that happens in mid-October.

In the last days of summer, we were dizzy with the silver of the new moon. From the 21st, there was a sudden density in the merlot: the astronomy signaling. The grapes were showing dark and soft, and we began bringing in twenty tons of merlot a day. The juice was low in alcohol, high in acidity, rich in taste – complex merlots, reminding one of Saint-Emilion. We started earlier than ever, with two large final ripe pickings finishing on the 23rd.


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