Le Cupole 2018


The second label of Tenuta di Trinoro, Le Cupole was first produced in 1995. It is a Bordeaux blend, full of fleshy, bright fruit, extracted tannins, and rich color.

After the sweltering summer of 2017, we welcomed the cooler, more even temperatures of 2018 in the valley. As we neared the end of August, we were  looking at larger than usual clusters, not too sweet for the period, and unusually soft in their early fruit. Because of these cooler temperatures, the vineyards were able to ripen the fruit and tannins earlier; all of that is usually kept back because of heat in August. The skins, thin as they were, wereincredibly forward in color – they stained the fingers!
Usually, that happens in mid-October. A strange wind and drop in temperature arrived in the valley between the merlot and the harvest of the rest of thegrapes – we had huge clusters for the first time in our history, but the fruit began to lose its swelling, and the berries began to get softer. With this situation, we couldn’t yet pick the grapes — they’re too flat yet full of sweetness — so we misted the fields to give the grapes the final push, followed by a real rain. Then the sun a bit far in the season, low, orange, saving
again until this very last new moon. Everything again became profound and ripe, and we picked.
Mysterious for now, fascinating. This vintage will be an original one.


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