Campo di Camagi 2020


Campo di Camagi is one of the three labels of 100% Cabernet Franc produced by Andrea Franchetti from 2014, who wanted to devote the utmost attention to this historic grape of Bordeaux, enhancing its characteristics in relation to three different terroir of the estate. It is produced exclusively with grapes from a single plot of 1.5 hectares composed of a thin layer of quartz and limestone. The 27 year old vines struggle to grow in this space, the stems do not grow, the roots have filled it.

18 September 2020

We go outside early in the morning and head for the vineyards; the air is already getting hot. We reach the closest rows of bear fruit, it’s being whipped by a southerly wind that is keeping summer hanging on the valley. I grab some berries of merlot, they don’t have much taste – it’s too early and the fruit is sugary and flat. The wind gets stronger every day, by the 30th of September I see some areas with clusters of fruit starting to shrivel. Then the wind grows deafening; rain bursts and starts falling white and loud over the vines and it keeps up for the next three days.

When it stops, the air has turned cold, the whole valley lays a bit darkened under the sun: I think that the season has finally broken. We wait two days for grapes to get dry, then we are back in the vineyards, tasting; this time there are plenty of aromas. Other people come up and join us from the winery as we stand in the vineyards savouring these berries getting used to our first tastes ripeness this year.

3 October, 2020

Very much on schedule for merlot, the new harvest starts. We are picking good lots of fruit. At the cellar, the winemakers get busy and take charge of the first loads of grapes of our vintage 2020. The cellar’s people are very good. They will move quickly from now on as the harvest intensifies, discerning and separating the harvest in tanks, each filled with must from the vineyard of origin. These first merlots send out rich aromas: they have absorbed drought first, then cold weather, then rain. While more pickers arrive in the morning, I venture into the higher vineyards to taste berries; they are freezing cold, everywhere thought they are ripe; by the next day we have finished picking all of them. There is a pause before our vines of cabernet franc come in season. For few days rain falls sparsely from rushing skies in the dim sunlight, until the 6th of October.

6-10 October, 2020

All grounds are very wet but a stronger sun burns over the vineyards; walking on the shining mud in the parcels of cabernet franc the grapes appear ripe now, all tracts are actually ripening quickly and it’s happening in the usual sequence for this estate. We call the team to harvest in cold an uncertain weather and continue for days in alternate light as big clouds rush over us. The grapes taste better every day; we pioneer the highest vineyards ahead of the picking team. Those parcels are the last and are crucial to us every year because of their special quality; it’s the 10th of October, we bring those grapes in the winery. This rainy year cabernet franc is showing a brilliant and intrepid sort of ripeness. It’s the result of the heat in September coming early, then the rains and the long bursts of sunlight.


Othmar Kiem – Simon Staffler, Falstaff, 95 points

Antonio Galloni, Vinous, 95 points: “The 2020 Campo di Camagi shows notable density and yet remains very much medium bodied in overall structure. Dark cherry, plum, menthol, licorice, spice and mocha meld together in a wine that offers notable richness and textural presence, with maybe a bit less aromatic display than some of the other wines. Drinking window: 2025-2040”

Monica Larner –, 95+ points “Made with Cabernet Franc, the Tenuta di Trinoro 2020 Campo di Camagi shows a level ofsharpness and precision that you don’t get as clearly in the other wines in this series of single- vineyard releases. There is more oak spice with redwood and cedar, along with crushed granite and pencil shaving. The wine is linear and delivers big intensity to the palate, and it has the structure and acidity to accompany a long drinking window. Production is 2,000 bottles.” Drink Date 2024 – 2045

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