Sancaba 2020

A warm and dry vintage, marked by the absence of noteworthy rainfall during the winter/spring season and hence loss of vital water reserve accumulation in the soil needed to face the summer months. This, together with an unfortunate hailstorm in early June with much damage in the main vineyard, brought about a significant reduction in overall grape production for the year. The harvest was conducted earlier both to ensure the safeguarding of the remaining crop and to implement a stylistic shift towards a less ripe, crunchier fruit profile. The small quantity of harvested grapes led to a limited bottle production characterized by greater freshness and tension and less alcoholic power. This vintage marks the start of a shift in stylistic direction.


Slow Wine: “Top Wine. Vino che sotto il profilo organolettico ha raggiunto l’eccellenza durante le degustazioni. Una piccola perla il pinot nero Sancaba. Vivace, croccante, dal fascino speziato e dalle sfumature floreali, accoglie purezza e gradevolezza in un profilo affusolato, di mirabile equilibrio.”
Veronelli: “94/100. Tre Stelle Oro. Vino eccellente.”


 100% Pinot Noir


650 m asl


3,870 bottles

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