Terroir and Vineyards

Terroir and Vineyards

The high peaks of mount Cetona, mount Rufeno and of the Amiata that surround the San Casciano dei Bagni district, dictate the local climate and wind conditions, creating what is esentially a mountain climate with constant cool wind supply and substantial temperature excursions between day and night. Summer days are never too hot and nights are always cool, all further aided by the good elevation of the vineyards located between 650m and 750m.

The soil conditions vary from vineyard to vineyard with a predominance of Galestro (flaky calcareous clay) and Alberese rock (hard limestone) but also patches of alluvial soil (mix of sandy clay and sandstone) near the river beds.

With the exception of the original pinot noir vineyard with its traditional wide planting scheme, all new vineyards planted from 2013 onwards are high density (about 8000 plants/Ha) and all with clones from Burgundy. Training is Guyot system with Poussard pruning method. Certified organic agronomic practices have been adopted since 2016 with green manure used from cover crops dug back into the soil.

In 2020, biodynamic practices have also started to be implemented.

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