Guardiola 2009

Vineyard age: 7 years

Vineyard density: 12,000 vines per hectare

Vineyard area: 4 hectares

Vineyard altitude: 1000 meters a.s.l.

Yield per hectare: 30 Hl/Ha

Fertilization: None

Spraying: Copper, sulphur

Vinification: Cases set aside during harvest in a 5°C room until the grapes were presses as whole clusters, followed by fermentation at 17° C for 15 days

Malolactic Fermentation: 3 months in 8 to 40 Hl French oak barrels, 3 months in glazed cement

Aging: 3 months in 40 Hl Austrian oak barrels, 3 months in glazed cement

Bottling: May 2010

Production: 13,800 bottles

Production: 20,000 bottles


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Vini Franchetti