Franchetti 2019


Franchetti is a unique blend of Petit Verdot and Cesanese d’Affile; it is grown in contrada Guardiola at 820 meters above sea level. The winemaker’s interpretation of a full bodied wine on Etna. The result is a wine of great concentration, as black as lava and volcanic smoke that flow from Etna.

A late ripening year on Mt. Etna as well, the vintage was characterized by a decidedly cold spring during April and May, with a light frost over May 6-7. This persistent cold weather continued until the end of May without interruption, causing a significant delay in flowering, which itself continued until the middle of June.
June finally brought a gradual and constant increase in temperatures, with the chardonnay flowering first on the 13th, with subsequent fruit set, sparser this year. Then, toward the end of the month, we began to have incredibly high temperatures, peaking near 40 degrees Celsius (almost 104 degrees Fahrenheit); these heat spikes lasted until the end of September, allowing the vines to recuperate some of the time lost by the cold spring. This allowed us to begin thinning the berries at the start of August.
The Chardonnay harvest began later this year, on September 17th, and entering into October, we had an important jump in phenolic ripeness in the red berries thanks to a dramatic period in the diurnal cycle that occurred at the same time as the first quarter moon. This vintage brought about sinuous wines that are not too high in alcohol, with the right equilibrium between fresh fruit and vertical acidity, characteristics due to this final period of physiological maturity at the end of the winding growing season. A year of excellent quality since the rains spared us their odious inference.


Othmar Kiem – Simon Staffler, Falstaff, 96 points

Eric Guido, Vinous, 96+ points: “The 2019 Franchetti is like a dark stallion, muscled and sleek. It opens slowly in the glass, inward yet viral, with dusty dried flowers giving way to nuances of plum, brown spice, cardamom, savory herbs and hints of cocoa. The textures here are like crushed velvet, prominent, almost weighty, yet with a balance of brisk acidity and tart fruits that add contrast. The 2019 leaves a subtle staining of harmonious tannins, along with dark inner florals and hints of black currant that linger incredibly long. The vines for the Franchetti were planted in 2000 within the Guardiola cru. In 2019, the blend is Petit Verdot-dominated, with only 3% Cesanese d’Affile. Drinking Window: 2026 – 2033”

Monica Larner,, 95points With 4,116 bottles released, the 2019 Franchetti is 97% Petit Verdot that is accented with 3% Cesanese d’Affile (a native grape found primarily in Lazio or central Italy). This might not be to everyone’s taste, but I love the elegance, dark concentration and aromatic intensity of this very unusual and courageous wine (I mean, who plants Cesanese on Etna?). It is extracted and inky with black fruit and etched end notes of pencil shaving and crushed white pepper corn. The vines are planted at 800 to 900 meters in elevation and are about 20 years old.” Drink Date:2024 – 2038

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