Franchetti 2018


This unique blend of petit verdot and cesanese d’Affile is grown in contrada Guardiola at 820 meters above sea level. The winemaker’s interpretation of a full-bodied wine on Etna.

2018 was one of the rainiest and most tropical vintages we’ve seen on Etna, especially at the end of the summer. This year, we had to increase the number of times we passed through the vineyards to remove leaves mindfully, avoiding any burning but allowing air to pass through the canopy to mitigate the effects of this wet and humid climate. We countered effects of disease with natural products like clay and propolis as well.

The Cesanese stood up well to the vintage’s difficult nature, although we picked it slightly earlier than usual. It gives more pronounced aromas of orange blossom this vintage, while maintaining its typical acidity. The Petit Verdot was picked 10 days later, with the second quarter of the waxing moon, allowing us to bring in perfectly healthy grapes with a classical structure alongside the Mediterranean richness that growing here on Etna brings to this Bordeaux variety.

Franchetti 2018 will be a long-lived wine, a quiet wine in its youth that will crescendo with years in bottle.


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