Contrada PC

This wine is the fruit of the experience we’ve accumulated over the years in understanding our various parcels of chardonnay. Over time, during the harvest and with the advancing age of the vines, many areas have begun to express their own personalities and potential.

Year after year, implementing precision viticulture where varying maturation levels were tracked separately, we began to separate the primary material in various phases of harvest and vinification, even within the same parcel. Our CONTRADA PC is the result and the clear demonstration of how, even with the same variety and position, Etna provides a range of unique and diverse expressions from angle to angle.

CONTRADA PC comes from a minute parcel of chardonnay planted on small and laborious terraces between 870 and 950 meters, where the production is naturally limited and the maturation very particular and complex. The harvest occurs during the first weeks of September, where the grapes, still fresh, are harvested meticulously by hand and brought at low temperatures to the winery. There, they are destemmed and cold soaked for 12 hours, immediately after which they are pressed and undergo alcoholic fermentation inside large neutral oak barrels of no more than 20HL.

Naturally occurring malolactic fermentation follows in barrel, after which it is racked off of the gross lees and back into the same large oak barrels. To emphasize the characteristics of this wine, special attention is paid to the lees; CONTRADA PC remains in contact with the fine less for at least 6 months to enrich the wine and underscore its unique potential. Fining and bottling follow the cycles of the waning moon, in June and July respectively; the wine is not filtered. It spends an additional year in the bottle to arrive at its full potential and richness.

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