August 7, 2018

So far, 2018 is showing itself to be a magnificent year. The rains fall, both here at Trinoro and down on Etna, refreshing the hot summer days. But these days aren’t like last summer; we’ve seen a return to the usual 30°C summers, unlike the reports we hear coming from Spain and Portugal.

It’s cloudy here in the Val d’Orcia, and there’s a continuous appeasing of the sun. It rained throughout the spring, into June, and the vines are well-hydrated; this way, they can resist the normal August heat.

With their dark green leaves unfurled, all of the berries are larger this year; we’ve finished the leaf trimming early, so there will be a long time for the berries to hang on the vine, to arrive at greater concentration.

If this weather continues, we expect thick skins and healthy fruit come harvest time. It’s an even year, which are some of the best.

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Vini Franchetti