With the 2014 vintage, Trinoro is releasing three single vineyard bottlings of Cabernet Franc: Campo di Camagi, Campo di Magnacosta, and Campo di Tenaglia. As the vines have aged at Trinoro, they have evolved to showcase the grand expressiveness of the grape.

Placed under a mountain, Tenuta di Trinoro has a mosaic of soils. The vines are twenty years old and, with their extended root systems, they have become able to render a distinct taste from every terrain of the estate. They immediately appear more distinct in the flavors that emanate even from the cases they are carried in. Recent cooler temperatures have softened our summers, and ripening slowly in a cool light intensifies the fruit.

Campo di Magnacosta is a 1.5-hectare gravel parcel on the valley’s bottom where an old stream vanished under the surface. The wine seems to gurgle with energy. It’s complex and lighter in color. This is the fourth vintage of this wine. 

Campo di Tenaglia is a 0.8-hectare parcel on deep terrain made of crumbled limestone. It sits on a slope facing the sunset at 1,700 feet of altitude. The wine is spicy and like licorice, as it grows in warm and well-drained soil. This is the first vintage we are making this wine. 

Campo di Camagi is a 1.5-hectare vineyard, where there had been vines on its broken quartz and limestone long before we planted densely in this high, thin layer of soil. Plants then struggled for room, and after decades the wine produced here is black as night. This is the first vintage of this wine.

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