10 October

All summer it was rainy and cold, and yet we find ourselves – thanks to this incredible valley – with splendid, black grapes. October has been mostly clear, giving us a beautiful merlot harvest, with wines that display surprisingly dark, masculine, and dense characteristics, despite this cold year, the second one in a row.

15 October

While other Tuscan wineries have finished their harvest, we will leave the cabernets and petit verdot on the vine as long as possible. Much was taken in when we were hit by sudden violent storm and winds for two days, which fortunately has past. The highest, thinned out sections are still hanging, taking in the continuing light and sun of this season. We usually keep these parcels for the end, and they often become part of the wine Tenuta di Trinoro.

20 October

The wines this year are showing themselves stripped bare to their essence, as if they were travelers that had been on an impossibly difficult journey in which all of their belongings were little by little abandoned. This essential state of the grapes that one attains so rarely must be maintained over the next two years. We are thinking now about how to achieve this.

– Andrea Franchetti
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