Palazzi 2016


This 100% merlot is made from a selection of grapes from about 2 hectares across the estate, with only a small quantity produced each year.

2016 was such an uncertain season, and yet the results are exceptional wines. The clue to this vintage was to recognize the long August’s burn, hidden behind the rains – at the season’s break, the storms were just revitalizing thirsty grapes. We welcomed the rain every time, instead of picking before it arrived: that was the way we brought in a great harvest.

Palazzi this vintage is made of merlot from a single vineyard we call Strada Vecchia, all from our first day of harvest on the 24th of September. In the glass it shows white aromas of spring, the way prunes are white to the eye when they blossom in March. The wine manages to fill the palate completely, then it gets fat and points downwards to a brutal earthiness.


I Vini di Veronelli, Super Tre Stelle

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