Campo di Camagi 2017


Campo di Camagi is a 1.5-hectare vineyard where vines have grown on broken quartz and limestone, long before we planted: densely, in a thin layer of soil. The plants struggled for room until they reached a balance: roots having filled the ground, each vine has the same number of leaves in its share of the air.

2017 was a difficult growing season throughout Italy: the winter was completely dry; the spring brought frost to the valley again after many years; then summer temperatures were exceedingly high, with peaks of 40*C during the day, for three straight months, and little or no refreshment at night, turning the Val d’Orcia into a sort of Sahara. At harvest, the berries were tiny, all skin and seeds and no juice. The resulting wines are like black ink – dense, dark, and closed. They have a density and concentration to them, alongside an unexpected green note; the vines had shut down due to hydric stress, accounting for this strange intersection of slightly under and over ripeness at the same time.

This year, we harvested in the Campo di Camagi on October 13th. Camagi shows such pure black fruit, with a deep and concentrated character. The tannins are massive and velvety, coating the palate like a heavy velvet curtain.


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